Women Embodied ("WE") Therapy Group

A place for connection, healing, and support

A weekly women's group meeting on Thursday mornings

How often are you feeling overwhelmed with all you have to hold together,

worried and anxious,

too busy to care for yourself,

so good at taking care of everyone else while forgetting yourself, 

stuck in difficult relationships with family or your spouse,

holding the pain of past traumas and hurts,

wanting to "show up" in your relationships and feel more connected,

tired of deferring to others and forgetting about what you need,

numbing your feelings,

stuck in trying to do it perfectly....


There are so many traps women encounter constantly!   Don't stay trapped...


Becoming a Woman Embodied means you are

  • Knowing yourself well and staying connected to yourself

  • Healing old hurts so you thrive

  • Attuned to what you're feeling rather than tuning out feelings

  • Speaking your voice in your relationships

  • Comfortable with closeness and intimacy

  • Embracing true self-care

  • Understanding and overcoming shame so you can fully embrace who you are and what you need

  • And so much more


You are invited to join the WE Therapy Group. This group is a safe space for YOU to discover and explore your authentic and connected self.  It’s a place to show up as you are, become inspired, give and get support, and learn to live your most authentic life.


The WE Tribe is for you if you are a woman who struggles to: 

Find your own voiceHeal old hurtsBust out of shamePractice self-careBecome more self-reflectiveGet comfortable with intimacyAccept your bodyFind your beauty-2.png

What is Women Embodied™ ("WE") all about? 

WE nourish our ability to live fully as who we are
in all areas of our lives

WE Inhabit our bodies — and are not numb to them

WE discover how to get comfortable with
and lean into our emotions

WE value

- self-acceptance
- body-acceptance
- honesty with ourselves and in our relationships
…. and more

The Women Embodied™ Group, or WE Tribe as we like to refer to ourselves, meets weekly in Westlake Village from 10:15 to 11:30 am each Thursday.  The cost of the group is $55 per meeting.


Submit your interest below if you are interested in joining.


I invite you to join us as you get to know your own unique path and find transformation in your relationship with yourself, others, your body and your life. 

Your group leader

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Sona DeLurgio, Psy.D, LMFT is a Psychoanalyst and Marriage & Family Therapist in Westlake Village, CA.  She loves helping people who have gotten lost in their struggles with food, body, relationships, or trauma to find themselves and discover their freedom to live a true, authentic, and connected life.  She can be reached at (626) 836-2023.   Or you can learn more at www.DrSonaDeLurgio.com



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