How can therapy help?

Eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder as well as emotional eating can be very secretive.....

The pain of past traumas can be overwhelming.....

Someone struggling with relationships or longing for a relationship can carry a lot of unspoken pain... 

These problems may cause people to be very private about their experience and their pain. Many people feel stuck or like a prisoner to what's going on.

Psychotherapy is a very personal and intimate process. Usually the things that bring someone to therapy have been present for a long time, making an impact on their lives. At a certain point, the way life has been impacted can no longer be tolerated. Someone may have been carrying a lot of pain for a long time and felt too ashamed or overwhelmed by it to speak to anyone about it.  

The experience of talking with someone in a safe and supportive environment about the pain, the shame, the longing for more, or the struggles that go along with these experiences can be very healing. 


Our therapeutic relationship is a large part of the process.  I not only provide support, but I also draw upon my expertise to offer education and new insights.  Together, we can make meaning of what's going on, which will help you gain new awareness of old painful patterns.  This provides you an opportunity to discover yourself in new ways and take a new directions if that is what feels right for you. With increased awareness, you will be better able to heal and move beyond the pain, shame and longing to a more connected and fulfilling life.

In terms of eating disorders, recovery is difficult. However, I have found that addressing the eating patterns and thoughts as well as healing the deeper, underlying issues helps people find more lasting change.

Psychoanalysis can help one move into a deeper knowing of one's inner and outer world. In a collaborative process with the psychoanalyst, one can become more reflective about themselves and more authentic in their relationships. Knowing yourself well is the key to living most authentically.

Sometimes getting started with therapy is the most courageous thing you can do. I would welcome your call if you’d like to talk about how I can help. Just click the “Get Started Now” button below to get in touch.